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The Boudoir Season

October 4th, 2010 boudoir
The Boudoir Season

As the days get shorter and the weather turns from long warm sunny days to the dark cold and miserable days of winter my work load changes from mainly weddings to  portraits and boudoir studio sessions.

This weekend I photographed Mary, here are a few images from the session. She wanted some special images as a present for her boy friend.

In the days of the darkroom I would spend many hours bent over the enlarger dodging and burning-in the black and white image onto the finest fiber based photographic paper, then carefully drying  mounting and spotting the print .

Today it’s so simple, gone is the warm red light of the darkroom with the characteristic smell of the fixer and now it’s all down to some clever software and a mouse.

Every so often I am asked to use film for a portrait or boudoir session. Out comes my trusty Hassleblads and the Fp4 roll film and a great studio session is followed by two hours in my darkroom.

My client is then presented with a hand printed  and mounted 20”x16” bromide print – Perfect !


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